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A division of Seabird Enterprises, The Victorian is located in Plainfield on Route 12. The Victorian offers vocational opportunities for individuals in the surrounding towns which include but are not limited to Brooklyn, Canterbury, Pomfret, Putnam, Thompson, and Woodstock. It will offer the opportunity to learn various skills in food service, woodworking, arts and crafts, greenhouse, cleaning and ground maintenance.

The bakery retail area is located in the beautiful Victorian and offers breakfast and lunch to the local community. The skills that are taught include: customer service which includes operating the cash register, taking orders, sandwich prep, busing tables, waiting on tables, and interacting with customers. Participants also learn to answer the phone and take phone orders. The bakery is now located in another building adjacent to The Victorian. This larger location offers opportunities to learn chopping, grating, measuring, cutting, peeling, and so much more.

The greenhouse offers participants the opportunity to learn many greenhouse skills such as seeding, transplanting, and watering. The greenhouse crew also helps with maintaining the grounds which includes planting flowers as well as a vegetable garden.

Participants are also offered the chance to go in the community to offer maintenance services to local businesses.

You may contact us at or come stop by for breakfast or lunch!

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